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'I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.'

~Audrey Hepburn

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Oishii Project's GAMETIME


I won't lie. The first time I heard about this project, I was a little worried. Not because I had doubts on their success but because I have seen businesses and friendships collapse all the time because of money. I was afraid the same thing would happen to this group. Despite my worries, they converted me into a fan the moment I heard their first release from Oishii!Ichigo called, GAMETIME.

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Tommy February6's Brand New Album and New Teasers

J-pop fans mark their calendar for the scheduled release of the comeback of Tommy February6 (aka Tommy Heavenly6, who sang 'Monochrome Rainbow' from Bakuman or Tomoko Kawase of Brilliant Green, who sang 'Ash like Snow' from Gundam 00) on June 12th 2013. Most people will probably remember her from the song 'Lonely in Gorgeous,' the opening song of Paradise Kiss or came across one her different alter-egos. But this is her first album under her Tommy February6 alias in almost a decade and she is just as eccentric as ever! Her new album is entitled, "TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♥ SUGAR ♥ ME". The album will come in two editions, the regular edition and the limited edition. What makes the limited edition special is the dance versions and bonus goodies that go with it.

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Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Book)


I absolutely adored the movie. In fact, I loved it so much I simply had to have Truman Capote’s book. My friends and I joke that it is every fashionista’s bible. Very few of my friends do not know Audrey Hepburn… and they either adore her or respect her as an actress and fashion icon. But, I read somewhere that Capote’s first choice for Holly Golightly was actually Marilyn Monroe. I am forever grateful that in the end they chose Audrey, but after reading the book I can really see why he wanted Marilyn Monroe to play her. As I was reading the book, I visualized Marilyn Monroe as well.

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Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl (Book)


I bought the book out of impulse while visiting the bookstore one day. It was either this or Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, another book I've always wanted to read. In the end, I bought the Other Boleyn girl and I never regretted it. It is one of the best books I have read in a while. It is very entertaining, but sad at the same time. I don't think the movie did the book real justice, but I do believe that both Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are very beautiful. It is a good movie and the eyecandy is only an extra.

In the end, I am glad that I bought this and not Lolita. Mimi and I read the synopsis and got torn between shock and laughter. Maybe I am just not ready to read it, but as of now I don't think my heart can. What I love most about the book is how believable it is. I enjoyed the writing style captures you from the very first chapter. But I think you really have to be very open-minded to read this book. It has a bit of incest and homosexual themes on it. Still, I like that Phillipa doesn't put too many unnecessary sex scenes on it.

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Let Winter Rule Always


It's been a while since my last review and I have missed it. I thought carefully about what I wanted to write about and I decided to write about one of my favorite movies as a child, Snow Queen. It is a movie adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's story of the same title. He has been my favorite author since I was young, so it probably doesn't come to a surprise that I've seen it. At first I was going to do a comparison of the original story and the movie, but the two stories are so different. They have a few things similar like the names and probably a bit of the flow, but I can't help but want to separate the movie completely and watch it as it is. It would not be fair to compare it to the original since they didn't really follow the same flow at all.

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My Highschool Prom Picture

“It's about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone.. A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out.” -jodi picoult
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True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.

False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.

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magic is in the music
magic is in the air
magic is all around us
magic are you there

magic is in the flower
magic is in the picture
magic is in the hour
magic are you there

magic here
magic there
magic every were -demi buxton
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Darlin' come closer, you hear?
NO YOU, NO LIFE. No. I'm serious!
need your heart & need your love
OH YES!! Give me a sweet KISS!

Even if this love is a lie, GO!
You only get one shot, so be HAPPY!
no more chance! no rules!
I want to GET you, lalala, I all give it to you.
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Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

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The Little White Horse
Elizabeth Gouge

It was under the white moon that I saw him,
The little white horse, with neck arched high in pride.
Lovely his pride, delicate, no taint of self
Staining the unconscious innocence denied
Knowledge of good and evil, burden of days
Of shame crouched beneath the flail of memory.
No past for you, little white horse, no regret,
No future of fear in this silver forest---
Only the perfect now in the white moon-dappled ride.

A flower-like body fashioned all of light,
For the speed of light, yet momently at rest,
Balanced on the sheer knife-edge of perfection;
Perfection of grass silver upon the crest
Of the hill, before the scythe falls, snow in sun,
Of the shaken human spirit when God speaks
In His still small voice and for a breath of time
All is hushed; gone in a sigh, that perfection,
Leaving the sharp knife-edge turning slowly in the breast.

The raised hoof, the proud poised head, the flowing mane,
The supreme moment of stillness before the flight,
The moment of farewell, of wordless pleading
For remembrance of things lost to earthly sight---
Then the half-turn under the trees, a motion
Fluid as the movement of light on water . . .
Stay, oh stay in the forest, little white horse! . . .
He is lost and gone and now I do not know
If it was a little white horse that I saw,
Or only a moonbeam astray in the silver night.
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Restless Butterfly

I have finally found it, so long I’ve searched.
Hidden and lovely on a rose it perched.
Wings opened in colorful splendor,
My restless butterfly to who knew her.

She kissed a rose, a daisy and posy.
Flitter, flutter, she dallied around a pansy.
She’s with the prettiest of flowers but never the weeds,
Seeing to nothing but to her own needs.

Everyday I saw her, everyday she was there.
My restless butterfly, so lovely and rare.
But, one day I awoke and could do nothing but cry.
Among the flora and fauna, she lain there to die.
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The Song of Loreley

I wonder why I am so weary,
What’s making me so depressed,
It must be the tale, old and dreary,
That’s keeping my mind quite obsessed.

The air is cool, night is sinking,
And quietly is flowing the Rhine,
The tops of the mountains are blinking,
In purple-red sun-setting shine.

There’s sitting high up in the light,
A maiden so beautiful, fair,
Her jewels are glistening bright,
She combs her gold shimmering hair.

Her comb is of most precious gold,
She’s combing and singing so sweet,
Bewitching young fishers and old
Their hearts start to quiver and beat.

There’s man in his boat on the river,
He cannot but listen and stare,
A longing is making him shiver,
Look out, on the rock’s ledge, oh beware!

I fear there’s a crash, the boat sinking,
The man will be swallowed and gone,
And that with melodious singing
The Loreley will have done.
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Tears and Rainbows

Haven’t you heard?--- Don’t you know?
The tears come before the rainbow.
The colors come after the coolness of the tears.
Reach out, show me your tears; my heart hears.

Touch cold tears;
Comes the rainbow.
Fall in love; forget the fears.
Live in love; live not in our sorrow.

Tears and cleansing rain.
The sadness is gone, but a sign remains.
Don’t you know?
The tears also come after the rainbow.
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From Kira Imai

I think no word are necessary to describe how much I love Kira Imai's art. They are adorable and I can't help but be reminded of CLAMP. I wouldn't be surprised if she is a fan of the group. A friend of mine, Sai ([personal profile] dusksapientia) manages a tumbler and I found Kira Imai there while browsing. I was supposed to help with the tumblr, but I am not very good at looking for art these days. A million things in school and online is keeping my hands full.

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I adore Perfume for their fashion and cute music. Spice is one of the songs in their new album and I absolutely fell in love with it. Then again, I fall in love with almost every Perfume video. I also have to admit. Their gorgeous legs are not painful to watch either. This video however has a dream-like concept to it that it reminds me of 'Alice in Wonderland' in Pink. I am not complaining. Pink is my favorite color.

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Taken from [personal profile] ranalinde

1. Out of all the video games you've played or books/manga you've read or movies/anime/shows you've seen, is there a fictional character you relate to the most?

Usually, I would answer this meme with Misa Amane from Death Note or Sana Kurata from Kodacha. They are energetic and lively. Knows how to play with the crowd. I want to change my answer this time and not go for the usual.

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